Kalnirnay 2024 February Marathi PDF Download

Kalnirnay 2024 February:- Hello readers are you looking for the calendar of February Month in Marathi? if yes then here we are going to provide you a Kalnirnay February 2024 in Marathi PDF for free. According to the Gregorian calendar, February is the second month and it has only 28 (29 Days in leap years) days in a month. In a year every month is packed with 30 or 31 days but February is one which is short. This month is also called as Month of Love because Valentine’s Week falls in this month. In the following content, we have listed events and festivals lists which fall in the month of February with their importance in detail so stay with us and read the complete article.

Kalnirnay Calendar 2024 February Marathi

Festival holds a very great significance in Marathi cultures and society in Maharashtra and around the world that follows Hinduism. The importance of Festivals can be seen from the point of view of cultural, social, religious, awareness, and psychological perspectives. These factors play a vital role in bringing all people together at the same time.

Here we have given some of the festivals which come in February and these all are based on the lunar calendar. February month is the superior month for couples and Lovers to express their love and celebrate Valentine’s week with their favorite person.

  • Vasant Panchami:- Vsanat Panchami marks the beginning of the new season and it is also known as the “सरस्वती पूजन”.
  • Maha Shivratri:-

Marathi Festivals List in February 2024

Date & DayFestival Name
Tuesday, February 06Shattila Ekadashi
Tuesday, February 13Ganesh Jayanti
Tuesday, February 13Kumbha Sankranti
Wednesday, February 14Vasant Panchami
Friday, February 16Ratha Saptami
Friday, February 16Bhishma Ashtami
Tuesday, February 20Jaya Ekadashi

In summary, Festivals and events have an important contribution to the cultural, social, religious, and economic of societies. Here we have discussed and listed the Festivals that fall in the month of February with their brief information. We assume that this article has solved your query and provided valuable information that you really want.

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